It's Official: Real-Life Pokémon Look Awesome

We've seen live-action Pokémon before, but that was all fan-made. Consider these fantastic beasties the official real-life versions of your favorite critters, straight from the folks at Nintendo.

None of the screens, trailers or character art have made me quite as nostalgically excited for tomorrow's launch of Pokémon X and Y as the 15 seconds of live-action footage in this official ad. This is what it feels like to play a Pokémon game. Not your fingers on buttons and your eyes on flat, slightly-detailed terrain. You're in the wild, wind and leaves and snow and strange creatures lounging about.

You're also about 20 years younger, slimmer, and you have a full head of hair beneath your cap. Maybe that's just me.


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2 questions:

1. What's the difference between Pokemon X and Y?

2. Why have they been releasing it like that since they started Pokemon?