11:28 AM

The medieval siege sim Besiege has a new Multiverse update that adds server-based multiplayer and a level editor. The robust set of additions that will let people create their own co-op or competitive puzzles and scenarios as well as mess around with unit stats and physics.

3:19 PM

Rifick, an avid Super Smash Bros. stage builder who's made some of the coolest custom levels I've seen for the game, just posted a handy tutorial for some of the mode's trickier parts. Give it a look if you've been having any problems with your own custom stages. And let me know if you have any other tips too!

11:15 AM

Yahoo! Mario is looking exceedingly triumphant in this custom Super Smash Bros. Wii U stage "Star World." It's made by Reddit user Rifick, a player who's making a name for himself online thanks to his standout work in the game's level editor. Check out more of his new stages here, and our ongoing roundup here.