Map Editor Gives Strategy Fans total Control of Total War: Shogun 2

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For the first time in Total War history, fans can creatively assemble custom maps for Shogun 2 using the official level creator, AKA The Editor.


TEd for short, the official Shogun 2 editor is free today for owners of the base game or the Fall of the Samurai expansion. Simply download the tool from the Steam tools section, pop it open, and soon you'll be adjusting terrain heights, placing hundreds of battlefield props, and sculpting their own unique levels from scratch. Once completed, these levels will be available in custom VS. AI or multiplayer matches, distributed on-the-fly to online opponents.

"Total War has enjoyed a strong and dedicated modding community down the years, and we want to do more to support that", said Rob Bartholomew, Total War Brand Director. "With TEd at their fingertips, we're expecting to see new battle-maps for Shogun 2 that will equal our own in popularity".

If you don't see Luke Plunkett's byline appearing on the site for a few weeks, this is why.


Njal Stormcaller

Every time an RTS I love comes out with an editor like this I always end making a funnel level where I can just watch endless hordes of weak soldiers crowd into the ravine of death created for them.