What Are Your Favorite Made-Up Smash Bros. Mini-Games?

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The advent of "Smashketball" showed that some of the best parts of this new Smash generation are the ones players create for themselves. Nintendo doesn't make it easy to share custom stages or rulesets with one another, so the best way to share stuff is by talking online. What are the best made-up games you've seen?


I've seen a ton of cool ideas for Calvinball-esque mini-games for the newly-minted Wii U version of Super Smash Bros.: Smash soccer, Smash volleyball, Smash capture the flag...many others with more esoteric names. Tell us about some of your favorites. The ones you've had the most fun with, or found amenable to a particular style of Smashing—competitive play, giant 8-player battles, or anything in-between. Be as specific as you want to be. This suggestion for a "capture the flag" mini-game by Kotaku reader glazedkoala is a good example:

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The breakdown:

The Rules:

1. Time Attack

2. Team Battle (2v2) with Team Attack Off.

3. High Item Spawn: Switch on only the Flag and Maximum Tomatoes. (You can experiment with turning off tomatoes or changing the item spawn rate, but I think this works best).

On this stage it's nearly impossible to kill each other. Instead points are scored by grabbing the flags that spawn. One teammate grabs a flag and runs to a choke point to activate it. The other defends. Sometimes it just becomes a race to activate a flag then quickly stop your opponent from activating theirs. Best played as Fox, Captain Falcon, or Sonic.

It's important stages not have actual roofs enclosing them or else most of the items will spawn on the roof where players can't get to them. The Cannon roof makes it almost impossible to kill each other while still allowing flags to fall. Hitting opponents into the cannon roof also buys time to activate flags! It works out great. (This idea was based on a post from Reddit).

Drop a note about your favorite made-up way to play Smash Bros. in the comments. Or if you see someone else with some mini-game you've tried out, let us know how it worked for you! You can also send me a note directly at the email address listed below.

Happy Friday!

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Seriously try this, I did this in Brawl and it was fun as hell.

Flat stage (which one is irrelevant).

Only items are bumpers and banana peels.

Everyone plays Diddy Kong and can ONLY use the banana peel move and throw items.

Sooner or later what you wind up with is enough bumpers on the map that people get stuck in an endless ricochet of death until a bumper despawns. Should be even better now with 8 player smash.