Gwent has a new vampire-themed expansion out, and to help celebrate CD Projekt is selling Blood Moon Packs for the low, low price of...$115. Each contains 100 kegs of new Crimson Curse cards to help get you started. It’s not a bad deal, but only if you want $115 worth of Gwent cards.

Gwent’s new expansion, Crimson Curse, will bring vampires to the Witcher-based card game on March 28. Inspired by the Witcher 3's Blood and Wine DLC, the new set, comprised of over 100 cards, will focus on poison, bleeding, deathblow, and berserk effects. In other words: lots of dying.

Gwent Homecoming and standalone single-player Thronebreaker will release October 23 for PC and December 4 for Xbox and PS4. Console owners can “expect complimentary kegs” for the delay.

CD Projekt Red gave Gwent fans a first look at Homecoming during today’s Challenger. I find the new board a bit busy, but I’m excited about the new card layout and the tooltips. What do you think?

Gwent’s Arena mode will be out February 28, the developers said on a livestream today. That same day will also see a new update and 10 new cards, which you can learn more about here.

Gwent’s next game mode will be Gwent Arena. Players will have three lives to complete nine matches using crafted decks that ignore faction restrictions. You should probably start building your absurd dream team now.

Gwent got a patch today “removing spies that grant card advantage from Create,” among a bunch of bug fixes. Also, until Monday, every card keg will contain a choice of one of three Premium cards as its fifth card.