Gwent has a new vampire-themed expansion out, and to help celebrate CD Projekt is selling Blood Moon Packs for the low, low price of...$115. Each contains 100 kegs of new Crimson Curse cards to help get you started. It’s not a bad deal, but only if you want $115 worth of Gwent cards.

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That's Reasonable

Gwent is actually pretty generous compared to pretty much every other CCG out there, so it’s a little disappointing to see the limited coverage on this site for the expansion highlight an optional card pack being too expensive, instead of digging into how interesting all of the new cards are :-(

While this pack is certainly a thing that exists, you can also buy Crimson Curse kegs on a per-keg basis with money or Ore (earned in-game currency), so I feel like calling CDPR out for price gouging rings a little hollow here.

Perhaps they could look to a stable company like Valve for the best way to monetize a CCG...