12:59 PM

The rumored, leaked and teased nightclub management expansion to Grand Theft Auto Online is coming out some time in July. In a post today, development studio Rockstar noted players can “[r]un your nightclub business from setup, design, staffing and promotion.” More details to come.

7:24 PM

Grand Theft Auto Online’s newest free expansion, Import/Export, is out today. It mostly involves stealing and driving incredible cars, including the ramp car in the video here, posted on YouTube by gamer Oderus Orungus. More details on Rockstar’s site.

10:30 AM

The Bikers update for Grand Theft Auto Online rides into town on October 4. The update gives players the ability to form their own MC, play special themed game modes and wreck each other via mounted melee. Check out Rockstar Newswire for more info and images.

12:30 PM

In response to player complaints about not being able to bring over last-gen GTA Online characters to new-gen GTA V, Rockstar is deploying a patch for to address a GTA Online character transfer problem. PlayStation platforms will be getting the patch today, with an Xbox version to follow tomorrow.