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In the very first firefight against some random police who started attacking me for no reason at all (don’t look at all the dead bodies around me) I quickly discovered this rifle has a very slow firing rate. It also doesn’t seem any more precise or accurate than most of my other rifles and pistols. Against other players it also doesn’t seem to do much damage, taking three or four body shots to kill a troll trying to annoy you. While it does sound cool, that’s about all this expensive firearm has going for it.


Within the GTA Online community, the feedback from players is mostly negative. The vast majority of players online feel the gun is a ripoff and a waste of money, comparing it to cheaper rifles that have similar or even superior stats. I saw one player compare it to a Nerf blaster. Not a great review of a thing that is supposed to be a deadly weapon.

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Adding to the negative reaction is that players were expecting another, different weapon to also be a part of this new update. That gun is the M16-like Service Rifle, a gun that Rockstar teased in screenshots released before Criminal Enterprises was released. But after the update hit, the gun was nowhere to be found. It turns out, via dataminers, that the Service Rifle is coming and will be a reward for completing a scavenger hunt.


Oddly, some players are reporting that when they loaded up the game after the update they found the Service Rifle in their inventory already. This version of the gun seems bugged and it’s all likely an unintended mistake. But at least it’s hard to complain about a crappy, bugged gun when it’s “free”.

Kotaku has reached out to Rockstar about the Service Rifle and if there are any plans to update or change the poorly-received Precision Rifle. Until something changes, I’d suggest you save your money and buy something else. And hey, at least Rockstar nerfed the terrible OP jetbike!