GTA Online: After Hours - Pegassi Oppressor MKII

Now, after yesterday’s update and massive Oppressor nerf, players on the GTA Online subreddit are (mostly) cheering its demise as the trolling super weapon. In posts showcasing the less accurate missiles and deadliness of the bike, plenty of players are excited by the idea of fewer of these things being piloted by assholes in every session they join. Even players who like the Oppressor and use it to grind missions or other non-trollish activities are happy with the missile nerf as they are still useful against NPCs, just not as easy to use against actual players.

Plus, now when these PVE players fly around, people might not immediately think they are shitty trolls. Some fans even suggested they won’t feel as dirty using the jetbike anymore to complete missions.

Of course, as you would always expect, there are players who believe the nerf is bad. Some cite the fact that this is an expensive vehicle and others point out that GTA Online is not meant to be a game about people working together, but an open world where violence is encouraged.


Another interesting counterpoint to this nerf is that some players have reported seeing more jets and other powerful vehicles online now, following the downgrade. However, it should be noted that these vehicles are easier to hit with explosive weapons, so the threat they pose feels more balanced. I saw a few players joking that tanks, a very old tool used by trolls in the early years of GTA Online, may return. Honestly, I’d love that, as outrunning and fighting a tank was a lot more fun than being taken out randomly by someone who has spent five years practicing how to be an asshole in an OP jetbike.

In my time in GTA Online since the update, I’ve noticed far fewer jetbikes roaming the skies. I’ve not seen any tanks or other powerful replacements filling the power vacuum, but it was nice to drive around Los Santos and not feel like I had a target on my back.


Regardless of how you feel about the nerf, the downgrade to one of the game’s most reviled vehicles will likely lead to big changes in most online sessions. Griefing and trolling will never go away, but at least less skilled players looking to ruin other players’ days will now have to think outside the box a bit.