11:05 AM

The Surge 2 is happening and aiming for release on PC and consoles sometime in 2019. Deck13, the game’s developer, is touting the sequel’s expanded world and limb targeting system. That’s good news as the first game’s levels were a bit claustrophobic. Still, the robot dismemberment system was pretty great.

11:30 AM

Bound By Flame hits PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 4 on Friday. Focus Home Interactive's hack-and-slash action role-playing game is flying low under the radar — I had to look it up when I posted The Week in Games on Sunday. Strange, as it seems like the kind of game I'd really dig. We'll find out for sure

7:40 AM

This is the debut trailer for Etherium, an upcoming real-time strategy game for PC. It comes from the developer behind Stellar Impact, and puts you in control of one of three factions, which you lead on a conquest for control of the seven planets' etherium reserves—this game's analogue for Dune's spice. Looks fun!

6:20 AM

Farming Simulator graces European and Japanese consoles today. If you're in either of these two regions, you can now officially head out and grab the game for Xbox 360 or PS3. Those in North America will have to wait a bit longer for their copies, which will be here "shortly." Until then, here's the launch trailer.

6:50 AM

Cyberpunk RPG-brawler thingamajig Mars: War Logs is now out on Xbox 360 via the Live Arcade. Its PS3 version is expected to arrive on August 7 in Europe, and later that month in the US.

7:20 AM

We've seen a lot of the gameplay mechanics behind Mars: War Logs, Spiders' third-person sci-fi RPG. This time, Spiders CEO Jehanne Rousseau tells us about the game's story and universe, and describes the ways our choices will shape the way the story unfolds. Mars: War Logs is coming "very soon" to PS3, Xbox 360 and