This is Mars: War Logs, a game I had no idea was coming, but evidently was announced back in December. The fact this is a console downloadable (both XBLA and PSN, it'll also be available on PC) is intriguing to me because this trailer is promising a lot of stuff normally associated with boxed goods.

Some folks look on this as Rage meets Mass Effect, given the third-person perspective. I think the melee combat and countering calls up a little Assassin's Creed. Setting, of course invites Red Faction to the discussion. There's a perk/skill tree to give the game its RPG cred, too.


Mars: War Logs will come out some time this spring. Color me interested. The trailer doesn't say how long of a story you'll be given, but it does push what's commonly expected of console downloads. The game is by Spiders, published by Focus Home Interactive.

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