2:17 PM

Nearly two decades old, venerable MMORPG EverQuest gets its 25th expansion pack on December 11. Called The Burning Lands, the expansion features a war between elemental jann, six new planar zones and a new Luck stat. Also, people are still playing EverQuest.

1:42 PM

Heads up: that cool-sounding Sims 4 expansion that was supposed to come out last month finally released today. “Get Together” adds a new European-style setting to the game as well as nifty new features like a “clubs” system for you and your Sims’ friends. It costs $39.99.

12:12 PM

Dying Light just put out a new trailer for its upcoming expansion The Following with a neat explanation for its leaving the city: “Kyle Crane travel to a hazardous outback ruled by mysterious and fanatical cultists whose beliefs have unnerving connections with the zombie outbreak.” Also: customizable dune buggies!

4:21 PM

Brother battles brother in Star Wars: The Old Republic—Knights of the Fallen Empire, a free expansion pack coming later this year that promises a return to BioWare-style storytelling. Expect epic adventures, a new companion character and a website that says all of this and has since it accidentally leaked over the

8:30 AM

Here's the Crusader's "Steed charge" skill, from Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. That's gotta be one of the most badass-looking skills so far in the game, next to Whirlwind and the Wizards' Disintegrate. Makes me wanna roll a Crusader first when the expansion is out and level that up before my existing characters.