Overwatch Pro Called An Opponent A "Fucking Faggot"; ESPN Reporter Who Broke Story Immediately Caught With Racist And Sexist Tweets

According to an ESPN report, someone filed a support ticket with Blizzard after Overwatch League player Taimou called another player a “fucking faggot kid” on a Twitch stream on January 23. The Overwatch League has yet to comment publicly, while his team, the Dallas Fuel, sent this statement to Compete:

ESPN Makes Street Fighter Player Change Character's Thong Due to 'Broadcast Standards'

On Sunday night, ESPN aired Evo 2017’s Street Fighter V finals. During Ryota “Kazunoko” Inoue’s match, in which he played as the character Cammy, ESPN requested that Kazunoko change the character’s costume from her default thong leotard to her formalwear DLC outfit. (Cammy does not wear pants in this formal outfit,…