Dota 2 Players Add $1 Million to The International's Prize Pool

The International, the world's largest Dota 2 championship tournament, commences on Friday with group stage play. This year the field would be competing for a $1.6 million prize pool, but that's been fattened by a million thanks to the sale of a virtual item to their fellow gamers, and the pot may increase. » 7/28/13 11:00am 7/28/13 11:00am

See The International Dota 2 Championships Live Here, or Watch them…

The livestream for The International Dota 2 Championships is included in our roundup of feeds coming out of (or nearby) PAX 2012, but we're highlighting it here for you with a reminder that competition resumes at 12:30 p.m. EDT today with the semifinal rounds of the double-elimination tournament. » 9/01/12 11:00am 9/01/12 11:00am