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Jun 13

Among Trees, a wicked pretty survival game, is now in early access on the Epic Games Store. It looks extremely my jam.

May 28

Graffiti sandbox game Sludge Life is out today and free on the Epic Games Store. I really enjoyed it when I played it at PAX East and now more than ever it feels like a good time to take a break from the grind and give late capitalism the middle finger.

Apr 13

Journey comes to Steam on June 11. Thatgamecompany’s serene exploration game first arrived on PC by way of the Epic Games Store last summer.

Feb 27

Borderlands 3 is heading to Steam on March 13, Gearbox announced during its PAX East panel. This version will feature crossplay with the Epic Games Store, which has been the exclusive storefront for the looter-shooter on PC since it launched last September.