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Feb 11

A new documentary released today looks at the ongoing tension between physical and digital video game releases. Not For Resale attempts to capture all facets of the conversation, like the fate of independent game stores, the struggle over preservation, or the problems with today’s digital marketplaces.

Aug 8 2017

Team SoloMid is producing an episodic documentary about the controversial Super Smash Bros. Melee pro William “Leffen” Hjelte, whom they sponsor. So far, it’s a candid look at the Hjelte’s approach to the game and how the community’s received him.

Aug 15 2016

From the makers of The Smash Brothers, Metagame, a documentary about the “Gods of Melee,” is coming this Winter. The film follows the rise of Smash heroes Mango, Armada and PPMD as they amass fame championing a 15-year-old fighting game. An excerpt dropped late last week and it looks great: