Nixed My Little Pony Fighting Game Gets Help from Friendship is Magic Creator

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Shut down by the lawyer-mans at the beginning of February, the My Little Pony fan-made fighting game still lives. The glum backers and developers of Fighting is Magic may have to go on without using MLP art or characters—but they will have the creator of the current animated series in their corner.


"Mane6," the coalition that had been working on My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic until Hasbro took notice, this weekend said Lauren Faust, the producer and creator of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, would lend her support toward creating a game with all new characters in a different setting, to steer clear of Hasbro copyrights. Said Faust (according to Mane6):

Hey folks! I'm so super psyched to be a part of this! I hope I can do my little part to help Mane6 finish up this game in a way that stays true to the spirit of the original—but in a way that can freely be shared! I hope you like what we come up with.


The "moves, mechanics and style" of the original game will be preserved, it'll just look (necessarily) different from what everyone originally imagined. "This means a lot of work for us, and a bunch of new challenges, but we're excited about the possibilities that come along with them," wrote the Mane6 team.

The reboot is still in the early concept stages, otherwise, but for Fighting is Magic fans, it's nice to know the work done is not completely down the drain.

M6v2 [Mane6]

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As I have been bombed with dozens upon dozens of messages of hate, I still do not like My Little Pony. I do not like the portion of the fanbase that I often see on the internet (of which is far too obsessed to be healthy). I don't like to take my fandom and make it so disturbingly fused with my own life that my own speech patterns change as a result (one of the comments notably substituted "everypony" for "everyone").

Do I have qualms against the fanbase? Hell no; I love Adventure Time and Ben 10. Your enjoyment of the show is the same as mine for those two. All I think is that some of those fans... Eugh... I'm not the only one creeped out by 30+ year-old men without children (maybe a girlfriend or wife without any interest in the show) being a part of this fanbase, am I?