Screenshot: Not For Resale, LLC

A new documentary released today looks at the ongoing tension between physical and digital video game releases. Not For Resale attempts to capture all facets of the conversation, like the fate of independent game stores, the struggle over preservation, or the problems with today’s digital marketplaces.

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Physical for me. I bought a game on Switch digitally and when I tried to play it on the Switch Lite only my account could play it, which is dumb. I want everyone in my family to be able to play the game on either system without messing up each others’ save files. That’s why we have user accounts.

On a cartridge any account can play it on any system. Never buying digital again.

I understand why companies want digital, because there is less flexibility for the user and it requires more purchasing to get the same functionality.

I will check out the documentary though to get the big picture and a better understanding and idea of what the future will bring.