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The creatures of GTA V all lead secret lives that we often never get to see while playing. They hunt. They eat. They try to survive.


8-BIT BASTARD and Chaney555 tap into all of that with their latest GTA documentary, “Onto The Land.” It’s an impressive 15 minute video that took 6 months to research and develop, something which is pretty obvious when you look at the quality at display here:

Now, to be clear, the documentary isn’t exactly scientific. It’s based on the AI of the creatures roaming Los Santos, which are not necessarily realistic. And there are probably some creative decisions peppered throughout. It’s still a fun watch overall. I love that the cougar’s hunting tactic is basically “let the deer fuck itself up, I’ll just pick up the pieces.” Fantastic.


If you enjoyed this, then you’ll probably like 8-BIT-BASTARD’s previous documentary, Into The Deep—it takes a closer look at GTA V’s ocean.

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