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Super Mario Odyssey, Six Months Later

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Super Mario Odyssey came out last October and continues to delight players. Datamined secrets, awesome glitches, and a fancy balloon hunting mode have kept players exploring the game’s vibrant world long after other games have come and gone.

There’s been plenty of ups and downs to Super Mario Odyssey including broken scoreboards, awesome speedruns, and an underwhelming promotional cereal. Here’s what’s happened since launch:

  • Luigi’s Balloon World releases on February 21st as part of the game’s most recent patch. It is only the third update in the game’s history to date. Although the patch also fixes a handful of out of bound glitches, players immediately start to find ways to hide balloons in nearly inaccessible places. Those balloons are mostly uncollected to this day.
  • The latest patch stirs controversy in the speedrunning community. The patch removes many useful glitches such as the time saving Sphinx Clip and Turnip Clip, which allowed runners to clip through some walls and avoid cutscenes. Runners start a conversation about whether older versions of the game, which can perform tricks players can use after the patch, should still be allowed on the leaderboard. Each category decides something different. For instance, Any% ranks all versions together while other categories split their boards by version.
  • Dataminers hack the patch and find unused images. Players speculate that the images signal the locations of hidden power moons but can’t seem to find them in game. It remains unclear if the images were simply cut content.

And that’s where things are at. Super Mario Odyssey continues to dominate sales charts while players unlock secrets and find more and more unique ways to play the game. There haven’t been many major updates or patches but the addition of Luigi’s Balloon World and the reset of major leaderboards encourages competition (and trolling) among players, who will keep hunting for power moons and playing the game for a long time to come.