The Easiest Way To Earn Coins In Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey has tons of coins to collect and items to purchase. One special area with dozens of gold coins makes it easy to max out your wallet and transform Mario into Uncle Pennybags.


The most effective location to gather coins in Super Mario Odyssey is in Bowser’s Kingdom. When arriving at the Beneath the Keep checkpoint, turn around and run towards the right-side rooftop. From there, Mario can pick up a seed and carry it across some hazards to grow a vine leading to a secret area.

The bonus stage is a slide with dozens of coins and rings. By simply tossing Cappy at the rocket flowers, Mario will take off down a straight path that collects nearly two hundred coins. The process can be repeated as many times as you want. Nintendo Wire breaks everything down in further detail below:

Note that this only applies to normal gold coins and not any level-specific currencies. Still, having an endless supply of gold coins makes it that much easier to buy spare power moons or fill out Mario’s wardrobe. Many late game outfits cost thousands of coins, but that’s no problem thanks to this fun farming method.

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The ProTip for doing that coin run in Bowser’s lair: KEEP YOUR THUMB OFF THE LEFT STICK (and don’t shake the Joycons). Mario’s all set up for a perfect straight run, just Y to fling the cap and A or B jump when necessary.

To get the extra moon you’ll have to ignore that, but for coin farming, only two buttons.

It’s a little weird that they make you replant the seed every time (usually planted seeds stay planted forever), but I guess that’s to slow your farming down a teeny bit.