Jack Black is the best part of the Super Mario Bros. Movie

While the movie stars some big names, like Chris Pratt, the clear star according to audiences and Kotaku’s own Slack discussions is Jack Black. The comedian/actor/musician/cool dude plays Bowser in the film and does a phenomenal job of capturing the character’s modern mix of menace and sadness. Oh and that “Peaches” song is probably the best part of the whole film. It’s still stuck in my head weeks later. In fact, let’s watch the wonderful video for the song again, shall we?

Jack Black / Lyrical Lemonade / Nintendo

And while we watch this, let’s remember that time Jack Black showed up to a talk show to promote the film dressed as Bowser and his balls were so easy to spot in the costume someone at the network made the show censor his outfit in a very obvious and silly way. Jack Black recently went viral again with his new Tenacious D song, “Video Games.” That song has also been stuck in my head, too. Damn you Jack Black!

Anyway, this isn’t a post about Jack Black—at least it wasn’t meant to be—so let’s get back to the main topic: The animated Mario movie is now available to watch at home via your preferred storefront or streaming app. Enjoy and keep an eye out for some very clever and fun Easter eggs hidden in the movie.