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Step Aside Lady Dimitrescu, There's A New Evil And Tall Video Game Queen

Resident Evil Village's tall lady was cool, but Lost in Random's evil queen is the true tall and evil gal of 2021

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
The evil queen as seen in Lost in Random, carrying a die and sword.
Image: Zoink / EA / Kotaku

Lady Dimitrescu aka the tall vampire woman from Resident Evil Village is great. She quickly became super popular online and around these parts, many Kotaku staffers adored her too. But when the game came out she fizzled out and was barely involved in the overall story or action of Village. That’s why I’m here to say, the true tall and villainous woman of 2021 is actually the evil queen from Lost in Random.

For the six or seven of you out there reading this blog who have (somehow) never heard of the 9'6″ Lady Dimitrescu, here’s a quick summary: In 2020, the first teasers and trailers for Resident Evil Village included glimpses of a tall vampire-looking woman. The internet quickly fell in love with Lady Dimitrescu and as more videos and a demo for Village came out in early 2021, her popularity only grew. However, after the game came out in May 2021, some were disappointed by how little she actually appeared in the final game and its overall narrative.


And before I go any further, let it be known that I still like Lady Dimitrescu and while I wish she got more screen time, I still respect and fear her. She’s still cool, okay. All that said, let me introduce you to the evil queen from Lost in Random. And yes, she’s tall too.

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Screenshot: Zoink / EA / Kotaku

The evil queen is the ruler of all of Random, a large world made up of smaller kingdoms and towns. She rules over the entire place using her powerful, magical black die. This evil object allows her to control the land and get up to all sorts of nasty, evil queen stuff. She does all this decked out in an intimidating mask and outfit. I mean just look at those shoulders. Damn.

However, what really puts the queen above Dimitrescu is how integral she is to the plot and how often she shows up. It’s her evil reign as queen and her kidnapping of your sister that kickstart the game’s entire plot and adventure. She is a true villain, someone you spend the whole game dealing with, compared to other tall icons of 2021 who only appear in one section of the game and few cutscenes. And while you sometimes pull off a minor victory, the queen is the type of villain who is always just one...step...ahead of you. She is frustratingly compelling and memorable too.

But her best moment is so good I don’t want to spoil it for folks who might play Lost in Random one day. (And you should, it’s wonderful.)

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Throughout the whole game, you have had a narrator who cracks jokes, explains what’s going on, and drops some information about the world of Random. Classic stuff. But a bit past the halfway point of Lost in Random, something wild happens. The queen is frustrated and fed up with how she can’t seem to stop you and your pal dicey. So she tracks down the narrator and suddenly, while he is in the middle of talking, breaks into his home and kidnaps him.

She then spends the next hour or so narrating Lost in Random. She’s mean too. The queen constantly criticizes everything you do, continues to make your life harder, and wishes for your death during each battle.


Eventually, you find and save the narrator, but only after the queen has seemingly gotten bored of directly insulting the player and trying to ruin the lives of the main characters through her evil trollish insults. It’s a perfectly evil moment that truly shows how powerful the queen in Lost in Random is and why she needs to be stopped ASAP.

——————————-END OF SPOILERS————————

By the end of Lost in Random, you truly hate the queen, but the game’s final act reveals just enough about her to show that while she is evil, she had her reasons. The game then gives the queen a perfect exit, which I won’t spoil here.


Now, to be fair to Capcom, they never intended or expected that the entire world would become so enamored with Lady Dimitrescu. So by the time they were nearly done working on the game and all this happened, it was too late to go back and rework the game to stick her in it more. Perhaps some of that Resident Evil Village DLC will bring her back in some form or another. I assume her adoring fans would appreciate that.

But for me, the evil queen has my vote for “Best Tall Villian And Badass Woman” in whatever award show will allow such a silly and specific category. Maybe the Game Awards? Sure.