Shutdown Eve | With a budget deal unlikely, the U.S. federal government appears headed for a shutdown, meaning widespread closures of government agencies and suspensions of service. That includes the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum, a favorite tourist stop in Washington for more than four decades. (Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Four New Fighters Enter The Ring In Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition DLC

The console version of Super Street Fighter IV catches up with its arcade counterpart with the Arcade Edition downloadable content, delivering four new challengers to Capcom's fight fest and a whole lot more. More »


Watch the Dragon Pop Out of Someone's Chest With This 3DS Augmented Reality T-Shirt

So, we've seen the 3DS's augmented reality games played on an iPhone, on an Android phone and on a white board. We've seen giant cards spawn giant Miis and Marios. Now, thanks to this t-shirt, you may see the AR dragon pop out of someone's chest. More »


Of Course We Had To Check Out A Game Called Lesbian Spider-Queens Of Mars

The Cartoon Network's Adult Swim flash games might not always be wonderful examples of gaming goodness, but they generally have pretty good names. Case in point, Lesbian Spider Queens of Mars. How can you not play that? More »


Taking The Cosplay Too Far: Surgically Altered Elf Ears

Elves are sexy. Vulcans are sexy. Pointy ears in general are sexy, but not so sexy that we'd carve ourselves up to get them. ABC News reports on the latest fad among young adults, getting your ear cartilage cut open and sewn into points. More »


Portal 2's Comic Kicks Off Tomorrow, Fills The Sequel Gap

What happened in the years been Portal and Portal 2? Valve's new digital comic book, launching tomorrow April 8, will explain that while "expanding the Portal world and narrative." More »


How I Scored An Interview with the J.D. Salinger of Games, Sam "Grand Theft Auto" Houser

It was my guess that I could find same enthusiasm in Sam Houser, the notoriously press-averse Rockstar games co-founder - if I could ever get past the doors. No one had gotten a really long, incisive interview with Sam, ever. He and his brother Dan are kind of like the J.D. Salinger's of videogames. They really don't need to court the blogs, magazines or TV talk shows. Rockstar's offerings can sell without the constant help of the media industrial complex because there's just so much inspired content in their games. More »

We've heard a lot of cavalier nonsense about the federal government shutting down after tomorrow, and I suppose it speaks to years of nasty, fire-breathing partisanship and a completely broken legislative system that most Americans seem to accept this. I might remind people that the shutdown includes the IRS, the filing deadline is a week from Monday, and people generally change their tune if money's involved. I have a refund check that's been held up by a direct deposit mistake, and likely won't see it until the House of Bumpkins and the Senate Dining Society get their shit together. So quit fucking up the country and give me my money. –Owen Good


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