Everyone's testing the limits of the Nintendo 3DS augmented reality games, but it does seem that if you can replicate one of the cards it uses - preferably the question-mark box - you can start the game from anywhere, whether it's on the screen of an iPhone or, now, a white board.


Some guys at the software development firm Refactr got the idea of drawing a big-ol dry-erase AR card on a conference-room whiteboard and, after a little bit of tinkering, found that it worked. "It was pretty obvious that contrast is a major factor for the 3DS to recognize the card," they write. "After a night of partial defeat we came back ready to try again. We erased the shaded parts and more tediously filled them in darker."

The video above proves it works. See the link for more images of the zany fun they had, after getting it to work.


What's next? Clearly, I think Nintendo has to hang an AR card on the side of a skyscraper so we can all see an enormous dragon surging up from a hole within it.

Letting our creative juices flow with Nintendo's new 3DS (with video) [Refactr]

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