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Watch the Dragon Pop Out of Someone's Chest With This 3DS Augmented Reality T-Shirt

So, we've seen the 3DS's augmented reality games played on an iPhone, on an Android phone and on a white board. We've seen giant cards spawn giant Miis and Marios. Now, thanks to this t-shirt, you may see the AR dragon pop out of someone's chest.


Level Up Studios has printed up this AR Card shirt for $18 and yes, it works, as you can see in this video above. Now after you play Face Raiders, how about a friendly game of Boob Archers? And then the dragon comes roaring out like Alien.


Augment Reality Mens & Ladies T-Shirt [Level Up Studios]

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So, in Europe, Nintendo were supposed to give the first 3,000 people to register their 3DS system to Club Nintendo a free T-Shirt with the question block AR card printed on it. Reports of a lot of people saying their confirmation page title suggested they'd registered for the T-Shirt but I've seen nothing to suggest anyone has received confirmation that they actually have one. Some website suggests Nintendo are going to be emailing people about it soon. But still, planning on that sucked big time as it appears the lucky peopel that received their 3DSes early, may have got the Ts where as me, who regsitered at 00:15 on the release date might not get one. Still, I'd like to know either way because I think a T-Shirt that does this would be cool and I might get one.

tl:dr I might get one if I Nintendo don't give me one.