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Someone Made An Awesome Final Fantasy VII Remake Boss Fight In Dreams

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After an exciting showing at this year’s E3, hype around the Final Fantasy VII remake could not be higher. Its mix of classic storytelling and revamped combat shows a lot of promise. However, there’s been no demo in sight. In the meantime, one intrepid Dreams player has crafted an intense Final Fantasy VII-based boss battle complete with character swapping, magic, and special attacks.

Dreams is an amazing creation tool that’s allowed players to recreate the opening segments of Metal Gear Solid, make multi-episode puppet shows, and Star Wars fight simulators. As heard through Twitter, user sosetsuken5360 has made the “FFVII Dreamake,” a sort of technical demo that allows players to play a never-ending boss fight against the Air Buster. I played it just now and it owns.

Playing the Final Fantasy VII Remake In Dreams

This is one of Final Fantasy VII’s earlier bosses, right before you meet Aeris, and it has shown up in promotional materials already. The “Dreamake” has many of the features that the actually remake will have during combat. Players have control over Cloud, Barrett, and Tifa. Each has their own unique attack animations and a selection of magical spells and fully animated “limit break” abilities to use. It’s not quite as fast-paced as the combat in the remake trailers, but it’s a lot of fun. Air Buster continually respawns, giving ample opportunity to play around. While running around is a bit floaty, swapping character on the fly means you can create a surprisingly cinematic battle.


The Final Fantasy VII remake doesn’t release until March 3, 2020, so creations like the “Dreamake” are perfect if you’re craving flashy buster sword and gun-arm action until the real deal arrives.