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So Many Pastels

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hot Shots | TOKYO, JAPAN - Sony's latest golf game hits the virtual links with snazzy outfits (Photo: Game Watch Impress)


Max Payne 3 Coming March 2012

Rockstar Games is releasing Max Payne 3 in March 2012, the company revealed today.
The game picks up where Max Payne 2 left off, and follows Payne as he works private security for a wealthy Brazilian industrialist in Sao Paulo, and Payne must fend off gangs targeting his client. More »


Here Are the Nintendo 3DS's Biggest Mistakes

It was a great day when the Nintendo 3DS went on sale in Japan on February 26. It was also a great day when it launched in North America the following month. More »

The Man Who Makes Badass Robots

Kogoro Kurata is an artist. But he's not your typical artist. He's an ironsmith, and he doesn't build bed frames or chandeliers. Kogoro Kurata builds enormous robots. More »


Here's a Homespun Look at the 3DS Add-on Circle Pad

The issue of Famitsu that introduces Nintendo's new add-on 3ds thumb pad is on sale in Japan. Don't live in Japan? Like Microsoft Paint? There is this. More »



When Nintendo Wanted to Bring Gambling Into American Homes

In 1988, Nintendo released a modem for its Famicom system in Japan. A crude device, it didn't allow for online play; just some downloadable stuff and access to basic news and information services.
The device was never released in the United States, but it wasn't for want of trying. More »


Pikachu Ain't a Dick. He Is Ash's Friend.

In a recent episode of Pokémon, Ash, or "Satoshi" as he's called in Japan, introduced himself. The show, like most shows in Japan, has optional subtitles so hearing impaired individuals can also enjoy the program. More »


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