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Pikachu Ain't a Dick. He Is Ash's Friend.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In a recent episode of Pokémon, Ash, or "Satoshi" as he's called in Japan, introduced himself. The show, like most shows in Japan, has optional subtitles so hearing impaired individuals can also enjoy the program. Whoever did the subtitling has a wicked sense of humor.

Japanese is filled with words that might sound similar, but have different kanji characters. Depending on the word, changing the characters can give it a whole new meaning, as wryly proved in a recent Pokémon episode.


Above, the subtitled dialogue reads:

I'm Satoshi! (サトシです!)
This is my love stick Pikachu. (こっちは愛棒のピカチュウ。)

"Love stick" (愛棒) is even written out phonetically (あいぼう or "aibou"), so younger kids can read it. This is the wrong "aibou". The "aibou" that should be written in kanji is 相棒 (あいぼう or "aibou"), which means "pal" or "partner"—hence why Sony's robotic dog was named AIBO.


The "love stick" (愛棒) kanji for "aibou" is used in pornography like this (NSFW) to refer to dicks, not dogs, pals, partners. Penises, folks, penises.

Pikachu ain't nobody's dick! He's our yellow, electric friend.

【ゲー速まとまと 【愛棒】ポケモンで放送事故発生 [ge-NAVI]

(Top photo: TV Tokyo)

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