New Left 4 Dead 2 Level Appearing At PAX, As Are We

In an un-extraordinary coincidence, Valve announced that a new level of Left 4 Dead 2 will be playable at next week's Penny Arcade Expo — on the same day Fahey and I did a lot of PAX booking.

Valve announced that "Dark Carnival," the third of the November PC and Xbox 360 game's five campaigns will be at the show. It was previously shown earlier this month on Game Trailers TV under the name "Fairgrounds."


Fahey and I can announce that we'll be there too.

Valve indicated that PAX will see the unveiling of more the "20-plus" new items for the game.

Fahey and I indicate that we're packing at least 20 items apiece in our suitcases.

We'll have more on our PAX plans in the coming days. And, yes, we'll be all over this L4D2 stuff. The big show begins on Friday of next week.

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