Left 4 Dead 2's Latest Campaign Takes You To The Fairgrounds

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During tonight's episode of GameTrailers TV, Valve have shown for the first time footage of one of Left 4 Dead 2's hitherto unseen campaigns: The Fairgrounds.


Bright lights, screaming, rides...it's everything you expect from zombie killing at an amusement park. Hopefully there's some dodgem cars and a ball pit in there somewhere as well.

To see the first shots of the new campaign, word that you'll get a katana in the game, footage of Left 4 Dead 1's upcoming DLC and Gabe Newell saying "no comment" a lot, hit the videos below (the amusement park campaign is on the third video, katana bit on the second).

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Why show so much of the game and leave no "first-time-surprises" for when I buy it??