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More Signs Point to Tebow on NCAA 11 Cover

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The agent for former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow says he was in Orlando last week to do "promotional work" for EA Sports, and while nothing's confirmed, it's almost unimaginable he won't be on the cover of NCAA Football 11.

EA Sports usually announces this around the time of the NFL Draft, which will be April 22 to 24. Tebow would have been a lock for the cover in either of the past two years, had he turned professional after his sophomore or junior seasons. He's an uncommonly visible athlete for an amateur sport and it's hard to see EA Sports passing up the one chance it has to land him while he's relevant.

Back in January it was rumored that Tebow and EA Sports were close to finalizing a deal. EA Sports gave a no-comment and resisted my attempts to con them into at least saying he was a candidate.


Oh, by the way, the guy originally reporting this detail is Jeremy Fowler, better known as the writer who got reamed out by Florida coach Urban Meyer last week for printing a comment that slighted Tebow. And that image above is a custom cover job. I think NCAA Football 11's logo might see a typeface change this year.

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