Citing nothing deeper than industry chatter, a newspaper says the departing Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is close to finalizing a deal to appear on the cover of NCAA Football 11.

EA Sports gave an expected no-comment to Kotaku, regarding the report in the Jacksonville Business Journal. But the selection of Tebow would be wholly unsurprising. After winning the Heisman Trophy as a sophomore and the national title as a junior, the only reason Tebow hasn't appeared on the cover of this game yet (that's a user-made cover at left) is because he stayed for his senior year.


Few college athletes have come as close to being the face of a major sport like Tebow has been over the past four years, so he would be almost a mandatory choice for EA Sports. But it makes me wonder, if they land him, if EA Sports would divide up the cover art again this year. Tebow's star power in his sport is so great that a current-gen version without him on the cover might make an unintentional statement that it's a second-class console.

Last year's cover boys were announced in late April, right after the NFL draft. That'll probably be the case this year.

Will Tebow be a Hit on Draft Day? [Jacksonville Business Journal via Pasta Padre. Cover art concept by Spencer's Custom Covers]

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