Despite first getting teased as far back as 2019, we’ve heard relatively little about Tears of the Kingdom compared to what we knew about Breath of the Wild two months before its release. There have been a bunch of trailers with intriguing nuggets for fans to parse, but tomorrow’s 10-minute preview will actually be more than all of the existing footage Nintendo has shown up to this point combined.


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9 Things In The Tears Of The Kingdom Trailer Keeping Zelda Fans Up At Night

The semi-blackout has led some to worry that Tears of the Kingdom, which grew out of plans for a paid expansion, might be more of a Breath of the Wild 2.0 than a bold new departure for the series. At the same time, Aonuma recently told Famitsu (based on a rough translation) that “new gameplay will bring about changes in the game world.”

Fans’ minds have been racing with the possibilities ever since, especially given the big Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts vibes the existing trailers have given off. We’ll see how all of those hopes and dreams pan out following Tuesday’s mini-Zelda Direct.