McWhertor begged and pleaded and enlisted readers to get me to put this Johnny Five-looking Project Natal prototype into our latest 'Shop Contest, and I've willingly complied. I don't think I'm going to find a sillier, timelier starting image.

Here is a prototype Project Natal camera, wearing an expression I expect to see on a shelter puppy. Seattle Times writer Brier Dudley took the picture at an unnamed studio developing Natal games. I'm sure this image, plus anything in your infinite imaginations, can give a greater insight on what Natal's eyes seem to be saying to us.

Source image: Project Natal prototype camera, via Seattle Times.

And in case you need it, here's what the retail device should look like.

Source image: Official Microsoft Project Natal product shot.

Now, a new rule to assure I get all of these images properly displayed for the roundup. Submissions can't be larger than 800 pixels tall and 1200 pixels wide. Well, they can be, it's not like I'm going to punish you, but it drives down the likelihood of their selection. I'll approve as many as I can periodically, and next week post a gallery of the 20 or so best.