Illustration for article titled The Unsexy Prototype Side Of Project Natals Camera

The PR-approved product shot of Microsoft's Project Natal camera for the Xbox 360 looks sleek, sharp and maybe a little bit cute. The prototype version of the peripheral is anything but.


Okay, maybe it's the tiniest bit cute, in a sad, bound for the back of a Jawa sandcrawler scrapheap kind of way, its one functioning "eye" pleading for it to find steadier footing than a Gorillapod. But there it is, fully functioning at some unnamed development studio in a prototype capacity, according to Brier Dudley's blog at the Seattle Times.


Let's convince Owen that this week's Photoshop contest needs to involve this little guy.

Report: New iPhone, Xbox Natal to be made in same factory [Seattle Times via Siliconera]

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