Kotaku Originals: iPad the Score

Apple's unveiling of a tablet PC threatened to crowd out the rest of the games and devices news this week, but we didn't let that stop us from delivering our usual slate of reports, reviews and rumors.

Hands On With Apple's iPad, Everything But The Games
iPad Doubts: A Gamer's Problems With Apple's Wonder Machine
Hands On With Apple's iPad, Just The Games
This Is Kotaku's First Post Written On An iPad
Apple's iPad, aka TouchXL, Detailed
Sizing Up The Apple iPad
EA Plays Need For Speed On The iPad
The iPad Blows Up iPhone Apps Real Good
Apple Introduces The iPad
Apple Liveblog: Revenge Of The Tablet
Could Apple's Tablet Use Natal-Like Technology?


Reviews, Previews, Hands-On and Impressions
Split Second Preview: Happy With Second Place
Another Impossible Preview
Assassin's Creed II: The Battle of Forli Micro-Review: An Un-Macchiavelian Plan
Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond Micro-Review: A Bloody Fun Hazard-Time
Frankenreview: Mass Effect 2
Muscle March Micro-Review: Flex Crimes
MAG: First-Day Impressions of a Burgeoning War
Mass Effect 2 Review: Once More Unto The Breach
Alienware Area-51 m15x Laptop Review: It Ain't Heavy, It's My Laptop

WarioWare D.I.Y. Has Made Me A User Generated Content Convert
Star Trek Online Boldly Goes Live
A Million Copies of Dragon Quest VI Shipped In Japan
Final Fantasy Creator Working On Wii Game
Ready For Some More Nintendo Software Lifetime Sales?
Where Is Metal Gear Arcade?
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Delayed in Japan
Here Are Your Commander Shepards
Introducing "Vanquish", A New Game From The Creator Of Resident Evil
Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City Announced for PS3 and PC
Rumor: SOCOM Devs Working On "Star Wars: Battlefront Online"
There's More To Record Of Agarest War Than Sex Appeal
Why A Man Plays Mario
Six PADDs I Would Actually Buy
The Battle Of Forli Was A Costly Battle Indeed
Rumor: DJ Hero Goes Mobile
Nintendo Game Sales: Mario, Pokemon, Zelda Selling Millions (Millions!)
Nintendo Reveals Lifetime Hardware Shipment Figures
Show Us Your Commander Shepard
Strange Things Are Afoot At Red Five Studios
The Resonance of Fate Fashion Parade
Bleszinski Explains How Gears of War Ended Up In Lost Planet 2
PS3 Version of Bayonetta Getting Update
Glory of Heracles Creators Explain Their New Nintendo DS RPG
Rumor: Red 5 Studios Goes Down, Hit By Layoffs
Bayonetta Is Not Too Sexy, But Maybe Too Serious
Latest Forza 3 Pack Lets You Choose the Cars
Monster Hunter Frontier Not Confirmed For The West
Dead Rising, The Movie
What Are Gears of War Characters Doing In My Lost Planet 2?
X10 Sees Microsoft Return To Hosting Its Own Game Show
What Is Xbox Japan's Big Capcom Announcement?
Rumor: LA Noire's Development More Of A Mess Than We'd Imagined
Sixteen Games That Make iPhone Gaming Worthwhile
Few Of History's Top Books Made Into Games, Good Or Bad
One Of These Games Is The New Duke Nukem Forever
Are Game Companies Spoiling Their Own Games?
The Secret World: Postcards From The Edge Of Madness
iPhone Chart Toppers: Wars... in Chinatown
Monster Hunter Tri Controller Bundle Bound For America
Get Mass Effect 2's DLC For Free (Free!) [Update]
Dead Or Alive Paradise, A Trailer Comparison
Who Can Capcom Fight Next?
Reaching Level 80 In World of Warcraft
Kotaku 'Shop Contest: iSlate Edition


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