So we have four guys in Japan and Fahey's at BlizzCon. I walk into the Kotaku Tower today to find two things I absolutely hate. Cold, sludgy office coffee, and disabled perimeter defenses. Whatever, this is where I gotta be right now. Because if there was a global war on expos carried out terrists who hate our vidja-game freedoms, yours truly would be the Kotaku equivalent of the Secretary of HUD — the designated survivor, as they say. The downside, when all the action's going on, you're off cooling your heels in some nuke-proof bunker eating freeze dried ice cream and wondering if you could, in fact, repopulate the earth with the Secretary of Labor if it came down to it. The upside: if all hell breaks loose, you're leader of the free world. And that's cool. Just doin' my job. For this week's originals roundup, I encourage you to take a look at our running Super Big Let’s TGS Round-Up as well as our BlizzCon 2008 coverage. Below are some highlights that are non-TGS, non-BlizzCon or at least not-100-percent-attached-to-either-event. Xbox 360: Official Console of 2008 Recession Halo 3: Recon, The Trailer Banjo Kazooie's Japan Inspired Backpack Molyneux Begs For Non-Gamer Game Review Wii Ski and Snowboard: EXCITING Afro Samurai Dinner Theater, Minus Dinner... and Theater Fracture Review: Breaking New Ground Gears of War 2 - The Non-Review Review Mappy The Robot Runs a Maze Suck it Down: Street Fighter IV Makes Kotaku its Bitch Rambo The Arcade Game: Hands On Three Developers Explain LittleBigPlanet Level Design to a 7-Year-Old Stan Bush Wants "The Touch" In Guitar Hero, Rock Band Fighting to Play: The History of the Longest Lived Fighting Game Tournament in the World