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The Tokyo Game Show expo is in full swing. And while we may only have one day left of event, we've got DAYS of coverage coming at you. This year's Tokyo Game Show will be brought to you by myself, Brian Ashcraft, Luke Plunkett and Michael McWhertor, with back-breaking post counts and Tower support coming from Fahey and crew. As with past coverage we'll keep this single post updated throughout the show by category so you can bookmark it now if you want a single stop shop for all Tokyo Game Show news. See you on Monday, can't wait.News Namco Bandai's Teenage Boy Friendly Line Up Dated Tetsuya Mizuguchi Is Making New IP Microsoft Has Over 140 Demo Kiosks, Buddies With Square Enix Sorry, But Ninja Blade Is *Not* Otogi 3 Tecmo Announces New Third Person Shooter Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G Sells 2.5 Million In Japan This is Your Tokyo Game Show 2008 Tekken 6 Coming To Xbox 360 New Xbox Dash Gets Release Date Halo 3 Expansion Hits Fall 2009 Vague Date for Final Fantasy XIII, Nothing For Versus XIII These Fighters Are In The King of Fighters XII "PSP Plus" Brings DualShock Control To PSP Old Snake, Sephiroth Get Sackboyed For LittleBigPlanet Classic Controller For Wii Monster Hunter 3 Ensemble Studios May (Soon) Be Dead, But They're Not Out 360 Sales Have Doubled in US, More Than Doubled In Europe, Quintupled In Japan Bionic Commando Delayed, Coming "Early 2009" Uncharted Waters Online Getting PS3 Version Microsoft: Japanese Sell Out Is "Totally Legit" Resistance: Retribution, Resistance 2 Connect To Add "Infected" Gameplay Xbox 360: Official Console of 2008 Recession Konami Whips Up Castlevania For Xbox 360, PS3 Goichi Suda Has Not Given Up On You Nintendo Wii Bionic Commando Movie Is A Definite Possibility First Look At Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li Movie Poster Tokyo Game Show Attendance Plummets Again Revenge Of Public Day: TGS Attendance Rebounds! Kojima Might Announce New Game At Next Year's TGS Perhaps Why Tokyo Game Show 2009 Has Been Rescheduled... Tokyo Game Show 2008 Attendance Actually Up! Interviews Justify Your Game: Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World LocoRoco 2's Number One Fan Last Remnant Team So Cannot Wait For Unreal Engine 4 Justify Your Game Loco Roco 2 But I'm Talking Bout Halo Wars Justify Your Patapon 2 Fable II Coop Patch Getting Once Over By Msoft, Molyneux "Super, Super Hopeful" A Fable II Primer for Dog Training Molynuex More About Emotions, Less About Trees Molyneux Walks Us Through Fable II's Deep, Casual Combat What Is Halo 3: Recon? Here's What It's *Not* Yes You Can Ditch Your Dog in Fable II, But Only if You're Cruel Why Goichi Suda Brought Beer To The Interview... Molyneux Frets Over Dangers of Casual Gaming How Erotic Games Influenced Platinum Games Microsoft Coy On Future Spring & Fall Upates Resident Evil 5 Producer Likes New Controls Better On The Possibility Of 2D, HD, XBLA & PSN Sonic Games Can Japan's Number One Xbox 360 Fanboy Justify His... Hair? Justify Your Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Hands On/Impressions LocoRoco 2: Afros, Home, Luft Balloons and Water Talking the New Xbox Live Experience for a Short Ride Hands On With Sega's Let's Tap! Dead Rising Wii Is A Terrible, Terrible Idea White Knight Chronicles, A Powerpoint Presentation An Intimate Evening With The PS3 Chatpad, Headset First Hands-on With Street Fighter IV's Sakura Resident Evil 5 Co-Op Changes The Game Klonoa Wii-make Hands On: Awesomely Waggle-Free Xbox 360, Cave Shoot 'Em Up, Up, Up Why Home Should Not Be Shown At Game Shows Getting My Arse Kicked At Pro Evo 2009 Lumines Supernova At TGS Is Like Lumines Everywhere Else So, Has Bionic Commando Been Fixed Yet? LocoRoco 2 And the Ouchie Bee Sting Digging Into Spelunker HD For PlayStation 3 Ninja Blade Hands-On: See, There's This Ninja... Resistance: Retribution Isn't a Shooter, Fortunately Otomedius Gorgeous! Our TGS Boob Shootin' Fix The PSP Needs More Games Like Macross Ace Frontier 'Demon's Souls' Hands-On Impressions Liveblogs Faux Liveblogging Namco Bandai's Pre-TGS Presser TGS Opening Keynote Liveblog (Square Enix!) Liveblogging Microsoft's TGS Keynote Trailers/Movies National Geographic : Panda: Total Panda-Monium Wii Ski and Snowboard: EXCITING Patapon 2 Helps You Keep Your Groove Let's Patapon 2 Multiplayer No More Heroes 2 - Desperate Struggle Halo 3: Recon, The Trailer Noby Noby Boy "Gameplay" Shown At TGS Awesome New Prince of Persia Trailer and Screens New Resident Evil 5 TGS Trailer New Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires Trailer and Screens A New Street Fighter IV Trailer Has A Little Bit of Everything Bayonetta TGS Trailer Surprisingly High On Crotch Shots First Look At Castlevania Now-Gen Is Shorter Than This Headline Screenshots/Images Afro Samurai's Cutting ScreensNaruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Screens Appear Out Of *Nowhere* Loads Of LocoRoco 2 Screenshots First Tekken 6 Multi-Platform Screens Yakuza 3's Sexy Rubdown Lady First Arkanoid Live! Screens Deserve Compulsory Exclamation Point Here Are Your New Street Fighter IV Screens Halo 3: Recon: Box Art New Monster Hunter 3 Screens Still Even More Ninja Blade Screens Dynasty Warrors: Strike Force Striking PSPs TGS Booths/Babes Xbox Japan Booth Babes Adore New Booth Babe Outfit The Booth Companions of Tokyo Game Show 2008 Microsoft's New Booth Companion Outfits: Impressions Lets TGS! Yakuza 3 Booth Breaks New Ground With Champagne Fountains Lets TGS: The Scariest Booth Companion Ace Attorney Booth Is Guilty of Being, Well, Amazing Microsoft's Booth Companions Bid Adieu to You Yakuza 3 Lady Girls Spotted With Brown Man Lets TGS! Oh, Mai, Mai, Mai, Mai, Mai Booth Companion Showcase: Tecmo Stays Classy, Trashy So Just How Close ARE The Microsoft & Square Enix Booths? High Noon: Microsoft Booth vs. Sony Booth BRAWL! Square Enix, Capcom Booths Are A Teeming Mass Of Humanity Street Fighter IV Booth Punches The Competition In The Face The Simple Booth Companions Video: Sony's Booth Companions Wish You A Good Morning Booth Companion Showcase: Konami Keep Things Understated TGS Booth Babe March, Brought to you By Microsoft Booth Companion Showcase: EA Does More Harm Than Good Booth Showcase: Sony's Great White Hype Booth Showcase: Microsoft's Big Push Booth Showcase: Capcom's Money Printing Apparatus Booth Showcase: Yes, Sega Were At TGS Booth Showcase: Konami's Solid Sense Of Longing Culture/TGS Floor What's The Most Expensive Game We Saw In Akihabara? Rambo The Arcade Game: Hands On Let's Namco Bandai Headquarters Visit! Suck it Down: Street Fighter IV Makes Kotaku its Bitch Suck it Down: Namco's Crane Game Makes Kotaku its Bitch Mappy The Robot Runs a Maze Arcades Outside Japan "Practically Dead" Submarine Played Nowhere Near North Korea Afro Samurai Dinner Theater, Minus Dinner... and Theater Namco Bandai's Tokyo Game Show Schwag Super Mario World Golf Shoes Exist For Some Reason A Video Walkthrough of Tokyo Game Show 2008 Watch Real World Sackboy Waddle Into your Nightmares Weresonic Stalks the TGS Floor Super Smash Bros. Brawl Designer Checks Out The Wii Competition At TGS Square Enix Expensive Merchandise Get How Are The King of Fighters XII Cabinets Linked? First Public Day of TGS: Shakey Cam Run Through The Official Street Fighter IV Pins of TGS A Dressed-Up Stroll Down TGS Cosplay Alley Cosplay Alley: The Other Side Of The Lens What The Hell Are These Guys Watching? Brown Man Bedtime Story MotorStorm With Mini-Motorbike Motion Controller When Tecmo's Logo Met Koei's Logo Microsoft Remind Japan What 360 Games Look Like, Part II This Is What Those Guys Were Watching Tokyo Game Show: The Teardown Kid's Corner Is For Kids, Games And Sleepytime The TGS Tear Down Video (With Special Guests) Metal Gear Solid 4 Raiden Cosplay: You Have To See It Chun Li Crotchplay: Violation Of Cosplay Rule #117 Booth Showcase: Capcom's Money Printing Apparatus Studio Ghibli/Level 5 Game Box Gives Other Game Boxes The Finger Pre-Show Updates Indies Bringing A Sense Of Wonder To TGS Alan Wake At TGS? "Not An Announcement" What Companies Will Be At TGS? These Ones. Team Ico's PS3 Game Ready 'Soon', but not by Tokyo Game Show Kingdom Hearts A PS3 Exclusive, Will Be Seen At TGS Will There Be More PS3 or Xbox 360 Games At Tokyo Game Show? Microsoft To Give Tokyo Game Show Keynote Dragon Quest IX, Final Fantasy XIII Not Playable At Tokyo Game Show This Is What Marvelous Is Bringing To TGS Puzzle Quest For PS3 To Bedazzle At Tokyo Game Show Infinite Space Getting Animated Short Films What's Taito Bringing To TGS? Sony Booth Will Have 14 Unannounced Titles Playable At TGS Guess What Konami's Bringing To TGS... Katamari Damacy Creator's Next Game Rolling To TGS 08 What's Sega Bringing To TGS? Animated Resident Evil Movie First Screening At TGS Hudson Brings Fish, Marbles, Bombs to Tokyo Game Show What Koei Is Bringing To TGS What's Q Bringing To TGS? Here's Microsoft's TGS Booth Game List Namco Bandai Pre-TGS Press Conference: The Choicest Quotes


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