Sometimes, things read better on paper than they do said out loud. That's especially true when the script your emcee is working with sounds like it had been written by the "funniest" top-level Namco Bandai executive, the one who's always quick with the puns. Josh Keller, who performed his duties admirably and annunciated with panache, delivered a few duds in between presentations. To be fair, some were delivered by PowerPoint slides. • "Music by the Reeza." - On Afro Samurai's soundtrack, a mispronunciation that mildly amused the hip hop snobs in attendance. • "I love my cute stuffed panda. But I really love playing National Geographic Panda!" - The pitch for National Geographic Panda. It worked!• "This is what I call the 'Moon of Endor scene.' [pause] For anyone who knows Star Wars..." - During the demo of We Ski & Snowboard, when a Mii moved at a normal clip through a heavily forested section of the mountain. Video game journalists rarely need Star Wars references explained to them, FYI. • "A tremendous story in two screens!" - Dragonball DS, apparently, will feature two screens for double the tremendousness. • "If you think you can stomach this, please have a look." - The Splatterhouse trailer, which was about as long as a bolt of lightning. • "Contrary to the title, we don't recommend consuming alcohol while playing." - A joke told following the We Ski & Snowboard demo. We Ski. Whiskey. Whiskey and snowboard. Get it? >_> • "Please note that restricted access is... ah, restricted" - For anyone who needs to know just how restricted the restricted sections of Namco Bandai's headquarters are. They're restricted.