Variety's Ben Fritz points out that his review copy of Fable II just landed at his office and along with the usual fare of review guide, tips and details came a personal plea from developer Peter Molyneux about how to review the game:

I have a favour to ask you — we build this game not only to appeal to gamers like yourself, but to appeal to anybody. So please, please, please, please, please find somebody who doesn't play games, watch them play it and see how their world turns out, because I think it's only when you see those differences that the unique experiences comes through.

While on some level I can understand where he's coming from, it seems to me that the underlying message of that request is that Molyneux thinks game reviewers are too jaded to do their jobs. It's just the latest in an increasingly long list of excuses developers use for low game reviews, including not "getting" casual and not "getting" the Wii. I can't speak for everyone, but personally I get all of those things. I sometimes just don't like them. Peter Molyneux's Request [Variety]