Kotaku Originals: Bidness

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The ceaseless tide of terrible news in the economy continues to dominate the storyline for this week's originals. EA axed Black Box, of course, but not before they made them patch Need for Speed: Underground Undercover.


Is there an end in sight? Who knows. The whole country's either completely given up or determined that it can fire its way back to profitability. Either way, it's a terrible time in the world to be labor and not management. The week in originals:

The Economy Sucks Bitch Whine Piss Moan You're Fired
Don't Blame the Recession, Blame the Developers
EA Lays off Hundreds at Black Box Today
Sony Financial Forecast Round-Up
Sony Planning "Headcount Reduction" In Game, Music, Movie Divisions
This Is Where Sony's Sales Are "Lower Than Expected"
Sony Will "Accelerate" Cost Saving Measures
Sony Revises Earnings Forecast, Game Revenue Down
Rumor: Announced EA Layoffs Coming to Blackbox
Jaleco Holdings Is Leaving The Video Game Business

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The Maw Micro-review: A Frank And His Blob
Hands-On With Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost And Damned
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Frankenreview: Lord Of The Rings: Conquest
The Lord of the Rings: Conquest Review: Not So Much
Battlestations: Pacific Blows (Up) My Mind

Kotaku Podcast: The Drinking Game!

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Cave Announces Gothic Lolita Shooter Sequel
Your Mario-Themed Laptop Looks This Good...In Your Dreams
Need for Speed Undercover Patch Coming Soon
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Welcome to the Family:
Welcome To the Family: A Letter From Nintendo's Cammie Dunaway


Why Is GameStop No Longer Selling Dawn Of War II?


Rumor Smash:
No, Famitsu Didn't Announce Tales of Vesperia For PS3


President Barack Obama's Video Game Buyer's Guide
Obama Family Brings Gaming One Generation Closer to the Presidency



I loved how the stock market crashed halfway through Obama's inaugural speech.

And almost every other time he's even so much as glaned in the direction of wall street.