Update: EA Lays Offs Hit Black Box Today

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Electronic Arts today laid off as many as 150 to 200 people today as part of the company's ongoing cut backs announced back in December, sources tell Kotaku.

These latest rumors come on the heels of word that there was a company-wide meeting today held at EA Canada to discuss the current state of the industry and the future of the company.


The cuts, we're told, were mostly made at Black Box, which employees more than 350 people. The news comes the day after the studio's Skate 2 hit shelves in North America.

Reached for comment earlier today, an Electronic Arts spokesman said the company will not be releasing any new information on their planned cuts until the company's scheduled earnings call on Feb. 3.

Update: We hear the actual number is about 115.

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Note to self if you try to get a job in the industry with a dev or publisher only consider applying at EA as a springboard to launch your career. Don't plan on being there more than a year or two.

In all seriousness though, between their history of the way they've treated their employees in the past(no compensation with accrued paid time off or overtime/double time/triple time pay when working long periods of crunch time) and not informing which of their employees might have their jobs on the shopping block in coming weeks I just wouldn't want to work for sush a shady company with a checkered past. There's no loyalty at all to the people who put everything together that gets put on to disc.

It seems like you're only safe if you're in a corporate position i.e. PR/HR/Administration. Seriously sounds like development teams need a guild/union. At this point I'd rather be an indie developer rather than work for some corporate assholes. I can see where it's kind of harsh though things may have changed at EA in the past few years and these guys and gals may or may not have a pretty sweet severance package. I guess what I'm trying to say is it sucks when an industry you love that you would bust your ass to get into if it meant a secure job in a field that you love is falling on such hard times.