Update: Electronic Arts Holding Black Box Meeting Today

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Electronic Arts is holding a Town Hall meeting today at EA Canada to discuss the industry and perhaps detail more layoff news at the publisher's studio there, according to memos obtained by Kotaku.


The meeting, which we're told will start at 10 a.m., will be headed by John Riccitiello and available to all Electronic Arts employees via internal webcast. Employees of the publisher will be allowed to ask questions of Riccitiello following the presentation.

Employees are being encouraged to watch the presentation with team members to spur discussion about what is talked about. Meanwhile, Black Box employees are being asked to be in the studio today to "clear the air and communicate with you openly about what's going on at Black Box."


"At that time, we'll send out further communications and be holding sessions to help separate truth from rumour and share important news about our studio with you."

Stay tuned and feel free to commiserate in the comments.

Update: The layoffs at Black Box studio did indeed happen today, though the company-wide Town Hall meeting is actually scheduled for Feb. 4, not today.

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Part of the real tradgedy of what happening at EA is that from now on, their money-men will always be able to say "We tried developing new IP's, and look where it got us. The only safety is in barely modified yearly sequels".