Kotaku Originals: A Decemberween Pageant

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The holiday-induced Kotakis Interruptus didn't slow the flow of original goodies. The big highlight: Our blowout 80-minute Very Kotaku Christmas Podtacular, which featured everything but this opening and Peter Paul/Cadbury sponsorship.


Adam, who assembled the behemoth vid, proudly announced it had 794 cuts and more CGI than a Frank Miller cooking show. It took so much time to render he had to open a black hole to another dimension, throw his computer into it and reel it back just to make the deadline. He's probably sleeping harder than Santa Claus on Dec. 26, which is sort of ironic because Adam's Jewish.

It'll be somewhat of a shortened holiday weekend for yours truly; I'm in North Carolina with the fams, watching our two dogs race around the back forty scarfing up deer turds. But stay tuned, the report will go on. Meantime, here's the previous week in originals.

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Baked Goods:
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Cards and Gifts:
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Funeral Notices:
Let Us Mourn The Passing Of Yet Another Kotaku Xbox 360


shatteredhalo :: Kojima-san doesn't have to make Metal Gear any more

Deer turds? I have a rather small dog so she seems to be fond of rabbit turds. The worst is when she came back in and laid down on the couch, only to cough a turd back up 5 minutes later.

I nearly threw up. :/