"Cliffy_B" Gets Silenced By Twitter

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Rest in peace, twitter.com/cliffy_b. We're going to miss you, now that the No Funsters at Twitter and Epic Games have shut you down, killing off the delightful parody of the Gears of War designer.


Sorry, no more updates from cliffy_b about doing one-armed push ups, physically abusing Epic VP Mark Rein or, in general, how awesome it is to be Cliff Bleszinski on a daily basis. The gentlemen responsible for the 166 fake Twitter updates from the fake Cliffster were informed that their account had been renamed, locked, and was being investigated for "allegations of copyright violations."

Wait... seriously? Or is this just one of those baseless threats that companies like to toss around hoping someone's just as clueless on the receiving end of the e-mail?

According to the twosome behind the fake cliffy_b persona, Twitter reps explained that the account cancellation was in violation of the site's terms of service, noting "Impersonation is against our terms of service unless it's parody."

I suppose if someone at Twitter had seen the "approved" Cliff PR photos, they might not be able to make the distinction between real and fake. We, however, know that Cliff's not a one-armed push up kind of guy — he can do 'em with zero arms.

If you'd like to relive all the great cliff_b memories, they're still available at the updated link below.

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This happened to my Joe the Plumber account on Facebook.