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Is Microsoft Using 3DV Systems Tech For Natal? No Idea

Illustration for article titled Is Microsoft Using 3DV Systems Tech For Natal? No Idea

Ever wanted to see Microsoft's John Schappert dance? Ask him what's in the Xbox 360's "Project Natal" hardware, specifically if it uses 3DV Systems' technology, which Microsoft was rumored to have purchased earlier this year.


GameTrailers TV host Geoff Keighley asked the (deep breath) Corporate Vice President of Live, Software and Services for the Interactive Entertainment Business where exactly the hardware powering Natal comes from, resulting in a not-so-nimble dodge from Mr. Schappert.


"It uses wonderful brand new Microsoft technology," the CVP responded. "Wonderful technology." Wonderful technology that Microsoft purchased and built upon to make a hands-free experience? Because John's description of a "depth camera, RGB camera, full array microphone with a proprietary on-board CPU chip" sounds awfully familiar.

When pressed on the subject, Schappert says, "I have no idea what's going on." This is must squirm TV, folks. Watch!

E3 09: John Schappert Extended Cut HD [GameTrailers]

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I love watching corporate mouthpieces squirm. If only Kotaku asked "the hard questions"