Microsoft To Buy Motion-Sensing Company

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Here we go again. Fresh off speculation Microsoft were working on a motion-sensing controller for current generation hardware, seems the company is now in talks to buy a firm specialising in motion-sensing tech.

Israeli site Haaretz reports that the makers of the Xbox console are in talks to buy locally-based company 3DV for $35 million. Why does this interest you, video game fan? Because 3DV have a product called the ZCam, which acts a lot like Sony's EyeToy motion-sensing camera, only much, much better.


Indeed, 3DV claim that the ZCam tech is so advanced it's better at sensing motion than the Wii Remote, with the added bonus that you wouldn't need to hold any controllers.

Interestingly, Haaretz's report says "Microsoft apparently plans to use 3DV Systems' technology in its own gaming technology, probably in the Xbox 360", meaning that while the advanced nature of the tech will have you thinking Xbox 720, it's handy to remember they could just as easily wheel the technology out for the current platform, perhaps as a replacement for the current 360 camera.

Provided, that is, the deal goes through. So don't get too worked up over this just yet.

Microsoft in talks to acquire local startup 3DV Systems [Haaretz, via VentureBeat]

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Seriously DONT GODDAM DO IT, why the hell would I want to go on cam and do motions just to play a friggin game, its retarded, I might as well just give up gaming and go outside and do this for real. They better not force the motion shit on us, or else I would give up gaming for good, because I dont want to have to get up and move around to play a damn game, I just want to sit there and relax and pwn some n00bs. Let Nintendo do their thing, Microsoft, keep doing what your doing but without motion shit PLEASE.