Horrid Art Brought To Life with a Singing Bikini Lady

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Ai Shinozaki is one of Japan's most popular pin-ups. Like so many young Japanese idols, she's released photo books and DVDs of her prancing about in swimwear on some exotic beach. She's also paid her dues by appearing in swimwear (of course!) at fan meet-and-greet events in Tokyo geek paradise, Akihabara.

But the 20 year-old isn't just a bikini lady. She's a talented singer.

She will be appearing in a Samurai and Dragons promo vid dressed as the game's curvy sorceress, while belting out a theme song for PS Vita game Samurai and Dragons. Shinozaki was selected after Sony asked its community site who should play the game's sorceress. Shinozaki was the overwhelming favorite. The big plus for her is that she also gets to show off her vocal skills.


Artist Yokusaru Shibata did the game's illustrations, which are, to be kind, horrid.

Samurai and Dragons will be available as a free to play PS Vita title. Check here for more info about the game.


PS Vita「サムライ&ドラゴンズ」グラビアアイドルの篠崎愛さんを起用したPVの制作が決定! [Gamer]

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Headline made me think this was an article about Yu Kobayashi and her.....unique.....drawing style.