Is This Lady the Perfect Chun-Li?

You might have a notion of who you'd think could pull off the perfect Chun-Li. Then again, you didn't develop Street Fighter II so what the hell do you know?

Japanese illustrator Akiman, one of gaming's most celebrated artists, illustrated Chun-Li—and a whole bunch of other cool characters.


Recently on Twitter, he posted a series of photos of bikini idol Ai Shinozaki. Make that, retouched photos of Shinozaki, a twenty year-old idol and singer, known for her curvy figure.

Akiman repeatedly wrote on Twitter that he'd love if Ms. Shinozaki dressed as Chun-Li and uploaded several photos to show what he had in mind. They can be viewed in the above gallery.

Previously, Kotaku featured Akiman's art. If you missed it, do check it out. Also, his official blog is packed with numerous illustrations and worth checking out even if you do not understand Japanese.


あきまん [Twitter]


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